About Us

Our company was born in the 90s. Since then, Aluminios Eibar is one of the best companies developing the best steel solutions for industrial and building field.

We maintain 3 lines of Business

Aluminium joinery systems.


Partitioning Systems Division or Office, BRAND RAUMAN.

We analyse and design specific carpentry systems and solutions according to each work, providing our customers with the best technical and design qualities. We also develop specific systems for our customers in France and Portugal.

Composite Panels in their different thicknesses, have a complete anchoring system for ventilated façades of buildings, Hotels, Rehabilitation of Buildings in General, Letterpress, Screen Printing … etc.

The system RAUMAN Division Office  , prized in the world of Interior Architecture , with its attractive design and multiple solutions with its 180 profiles for Linear Crystal System, Modular system with simple solutions clipping of the different modules also allow disassembly by the same means, cabinets and doors System.

Visit our Home where you’ll find examples of our product lines and  contact our Technical Office , for further information about plans, construction details, etc … that may arise and to solve and collaborate on any development taking Aluminum related.